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merritt mckinney photography
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I grew up in the smoky Appalachian mountains. They're not the Rockies, but they were both beautiful and enticing enough to get me hooked. I'm an adventurer at my core. Hiking, biking, climbing, snowboarding . . . the feeling I get from exploring the great outdoors is indescribable. 


I knew I wanted to capture my adventures so I could share them, relive them, remember them. To do this, I needed a camera and a new set of skills. At first, photography was just another means, another tool whose main purpose was to serve my true passion. But, photography quickly became a passion itself. 


My passion grew as my skill level increased, and eventually, I began my own business: Merritt McKinney Photography. In the year since I started, I have photographed couples, seniors, and landscapes and filmed weddings, businesses, and promotions, and I cannot wait for the opportunities to come. This is what I love to do: I love to capture beautiful things that mean something to people. 

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